In the second interview luncheon held on Saturday, October 7th, the recruitment committee had the opportunity to host nine interviewees at Might As Well Bar & Grill located on Franklin street. Most committee members were present, alongside members of the executive board. We thoroughly enjoyed this group of students as they were very engaging and willing to learn more about what UNC had to offer. As stated before, I believe the recruitment committee is the best committee within the Student National Dental Association because it allows interviewees to be themselves and really gauge the student perspective. I believe what the interviewees appreciated most was the feedback from various classes represented at the luncheon. Questions such as how prepared do students feel here, does the administration support diversity and when do we when begin clinical sessions? Many members were happy to exchange their contact information with the interviewees and answer any other burning questions. As always, we’re continuing to build memories and set the future of the UNC Chapter of SNDA.